Tuition Assistance Programs


Financial assistance is available at Serra Catholic High School to those students who feel they are unable to pay the full amount of tuition. ALL STUDENTS ARE ELIGIBLE TO APPLY. Financial awards are based upon an independent objective assessment of need completed by the Private School Aid Service (PSAS). The funds are available from various sources. All information submitted on your application or in support of it will be treated in the utmost confidence. We ask that you also treat in strict confidence the amount of aid you may receive.



1. Bishop's Education Fund: Educational grants from this fund are restricted to specifically assist Catholic students attending Catholic elementary and secondary schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This is the thirteenth year that grants from the fund will be distributed.
2.  Scholastic Opportunity Scholarship Program (SOS): This grant program is open to any student, Catholic or non-Catholic, in grades Kindergarten through 12 residing in Pennsylvania and attending any Catholic school in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This will be the sixth year that grants from the fund will be distributed.
3. School Aid: need-based financial assistance awarded by the individual high school. These may include school grants and grants from special funds. A significant portion of school grant monies comes from the Parish Share Program (PSP).



All parents applying for financial aid must complete the PSAS application, which can be accessed by clicking here.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the application.  Please click here to download it.)  Parents must also submit the following information:
1) a copy of their federal tax return (and state return if applying to SOS) 
    2) a completed 2012-2013 Student Aid Form (pastor’s signature required if applying to BEF) 
    3) a $24 administrative fee


Student Aid Forms are due to PSAS by March 15, 2012.  Failure to return the application by the March 15 deadline may be disqualified from receiving any financial aid package.


1.) Parents must have their pastor sign their “Student Aid Form” (PSAS) verifying that they are practicing Catholics, prior to sending it for evaluation. As the form notes, parents have the option of having the pastor sign a partially completed form that does not contain confidential financial information.
2.) Mail the PSAS form, the required materials, and the $24.00 fee directly to the Private School Aid Service. DO NOT SEND THE PSAS APPLICATION TO THE SCHOOL.
3.) You only need to submit one PSAS application per family, which will suffice for all your children attending eligible Catholic schools in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The deadline for applications is no later than March 15, 2012

Timetable for School Aid Awards
March 15, 2012
- PSAS Application due to Private School Aid Service
Late May 2012 - Notification of aid package to parents of all students.
Late May 2012 - Target date for awarding grants from the Bishop's Education Fund/SOS Fund

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